Variations en horizontale

Variations en horizontale
54 cm x 81 cm
Huile sur toile


"Life is so fragile it hangs by a thread it begins and ends with a tearing – so arbitrary, so random, like gods playing dice, and yet between birth and death patterns emerge, to each his own, regular and irregular spirals and colours keep stubbornly recurring, to each her own, yes every one of us has his own music her own score to follow and invent, his own line of notes to find, we all need to breathe we have no choice in the matter yet every person whistles his own tune, our hearts beat, now regularly and now irregularly, we have no choice in the matter yet every person dances at her own speed and organises her own steps, blood circulates air circulates we need these rhythms that's what life is about – colours shimmer for a given amount of time (more lent than given), after which the score comes to an end, the page is torn again and the whole thing's over – but look, over there, another score, another series of spirals has borrowed its colours from yours, whether your child, lover, friend, character or dream, another floating life by Masha Schmidt, and thus it never stops, the tear is repaired, the music transmitted, we're all immortal." Nancy Huston

"One can probably not avoid exploring the unconscious in order to visit a work of art. The latter is kneaded with past, urgings, feelings that have impressed one's memory. It bears semblance to a treasure search map, full of clues to self-understanding as long as we search, and especially if thereby we discover that we know nothing of ourselves. Even when one is not the creator, just a spectator, a work of art is something like a Rorschach inkblot, a figure on which we cast the meanderings of our inner life." Lydia Devos

Masha Schmidt studied fine art in Moscow Academy of Art and then at the Sorbonne and l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris.
Artiste, painter, stage designer and theatre costume stylist, ha has also worked as an art-director for the cinema.
She has had many prestigious exhibitions in a number of international venues including: a one man show at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow; The International Contemporary Art Fair Art Manege, Moscow; atop the Arche de La Defense (The Soul of Icons), The Alliance Française, Paris; Space 21, Begium; Musée des Beaux Arts de Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine; Contemporary Art Centre of Bogota, Colombia and many others.


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