chanel-barbels-bbbdAccording to your tastes, your setting and your budget, Art Way can advise you on the acquisition of contemporary works of art including paintings, sculptures, photographs, design and industrial art, etc.

Art Way works with a number of talented artists. If you would like to place a private order with one of them, Art Way can handle every stage of the order process from the initial definition of requirements through to the installation of your work of art either indoors or outdoors. 

Art Way can also carry out a search on your behalf for any works of art by specific artists. Feel free to contact us for further details. By phone +33 6 82 10 24 38 or by mail <<< Clik Here>>>

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Art Way

Art Way, a French company founded in 2009, is a successful contemporary art gallery.
With a very specific concept developed by Florence ENJOLRAS, the founder of the Gallery, Art Way has selected a few extremely talented and promising artists and recommends them to companies and collectors wishing to enlarge their acquisitions of contemporary artworks.
Art Way assists private art collectors, offering them tailored advice for the acquisition of an artwork, meeting their specific preferences, with the aim of starting or expanding their collection.
Art Way works closely with its customers, advising them on each artist, working with companies on their art acquisition plans (based on existing artworks or in some cases works specifically developed for them by the artist), for inside or outdoor space.
Feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone - +33 6 82 10 24 38 - for any enquiry.

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