MARC ASH was born in 1958 in Oran. He lives and works in Paris, but he also travels all around the world to show his works and to maintain a dialogue with collectors and art professionals.
Graduated in strategic marketing, he started his international professional career in London in 1978. Marc Ash has been painting since his very young age and the desert has always been one of the central themes of his work. In 1998, he definitively hung up his suit and ties and dedicated himself to painting and rusting the metals he uses in his creations.
FRANCE 2, the leading public French TV covers the "Salon d'Automne" in October 2000, and his works are noticed by some art critics. His paintings are for the first time filmed and presented on the TV news.
In December 2000, Ash's works are presented in the prestigious Galleria Blu in Milan. The Galleria Blu notably exhibits Basquiat, Burri, Fontana, Kandinsky, Klein.
Marc Ash's work becomes part of important collections in Italy.

During the Biennale di Venezia in 2001, Ash presents an important collection of his paintings in a solo show, in a palace that was once the Venice Art School. The art critic Silvia Evangelisti calls Ash the leader of the young «neo-materists».
In November 2001, he also presents a series of recent paintings in Paris.
Throughout 2002, Marc Ash works on a project dealing with intolerance called «Tous Ensemble» (All Together). He produces more than 50 works: paintings, photos, sculptures and creations.
This installation takes the shape of a denouncement of violence and a strong project to educate large populations, including children to contemporary creation and to history through an artistic language, as well as paying homage to all populations that have suffered and that are still suffering all over the world.
In January 2003, the Museo del Palazzo Reale in Milan exhibits part of this project. The Press, the critics and the public are unanimous in their praise.
Marc Ash is the first living artist to have his works exhibited at the Palazzo Reale.
In June 2003, the entire installation of "Tous Ensemble" is presented in Venice as part of the circuit of the 50th Biennale, overseen by the art critic and journalist Enzo Di Martino. The exhibition of Ash's work is hosted by the prestigious Scuola dei Mercanti.
During his stay in Venice, Ash meets Posy Chisholm Feick, President of the Board of the PGC Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice. In July Mrs. Chisholm Feick invites the members of the PGC to a private showing to present Marc Ash.
The Press stresses that this collection forms part of the 7 major exhibitions that are a "must" in Venice during the Biennale with its total of 380 events.
In September 2003, Ash is part of a group of international artists representing France at the Beijing Biennale.
In October 2003, during a visit to New York, Ash meets Walter Moos, the famous gallery owner from Toronto, who immediately starts promoting his work in Canada. Walter Moos also operates in Zurich.
Several personal exhibitions have been planned all over the world, notably in Toronto, Montréal, New York, Miami, Saint- Pétersbourg, Beyrouth, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Mexico, Moscow.

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