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Diego Quagliotti was born in Montevideo (Uruguay) in 1979.
As part of a family of poets and artists, Diego grew up basking in an atmosphere of great creativity. He arrived in France in 2006.
Diego is a multi-faceted artist; in France, he is both foreign and familiar. He comes from the other side of the planet, where it's night-time when here it's the day, where it's summertime when here it's cold and where the water goes the other way down the plughole. Yet it's as though he's always been here.

Diego is a thousand-year-old child. He's a poet with a thousand ideas. He's a wise-man who is not blasé. He's lazy yet full of energy.
Diego watches affectionately over his family and friends and meets new people with enthusiasm. Diego possesses that languid intensity and frank humanity that are so unique to South Americans.

Artistic approach
"In the series of photos exhibited by Art Way, by creating a certain mystery around the subject, I attempted to transform the vision, the perception of the image and the point of view of visitors.
These photos reflect the solitude of the moment.
The pale landscapes are vanishing landscapes. It's a bit like when you wake up and can't hold onto what you've seen in your dream, even though it's still very much there.
Above all, I want to make putting one of my landscapes up on a wall like adding a new window to a house." Diego Quagliotti

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