Poisson Fo²ART WAY has presented from 2 to 27 Feb 2015 the exhibition "Topo Graffic", curated by the artist Fo².
" Our human dreams have always been swaying in the waves.
The sea carries our entire nostalgic mood for another life, our formless hopes, our unconscious desires...
The sea listens to us, it calms us; and our pain and revolts fade quietly away, between the sky and the water..." Fo²
Through this original exhibition, the artist Fo² calls us to responsability in terms of our impact on the environment. He delivers to us a message of love and respect for these living beings that inhabitated our planet for millennia. Exhibition "Topo Graffic" - Artist Fo² - Production ART WAY - Espace Paul Ricard, 20 place Louis Pradel, Lyon 1er, France - Contact +33 682 102 438.

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